Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 OctoberFest Videos

Below is a link to a few of the videos for the 2013 OctoberFest set. Call Tim or Ian for more info.


Schaeffer/Tice OctoberFest Online Sale

The Schaeffer/Tice OctoberFest Sale is October 27 at Bids close at Saturday and close Sunday, October 27 at 8:00 pm. Cattle are available for viewing at the farm. Contact Tim Schaeffer or Ian Mckenzie for more details.

Tim- 765-541-0738
Ian- 217-851-2155

Lot 1-Tag 51
Smilin Bob x Irish Whiskey
April Mainetainer

Lot 2-Tag 52
Monopoly x K1 (Destiny)
May 7 Sim-Solution
Ful sib to the $30,000 Hallie Berry that was 3rd overall at Hoosier Beef Congress and 4th overall at Purdue AGR.

Lot 3- Tag 53
Monopoly x Heat Wave x Char
6.5% Chi

Lot 4-Tag 54
I-80 x Smokin Meyer
March 4 Mainetainer

Lot 5-Tag 55
Monopoly x Ali
March Mainetainer

Lot 6-Tag 56
Monopoly x Heat Wave/Char
March 16
6.5% Chi

Lot 7-Tag 57
Right Direction x 344 Heat Wave
Jan 28 Shorthorn Plus and 14% Chi
Full sister to the Supreme Heifer at Louisville and full sib to Kane Aegerter's Supreme Heifer at Purdue AGR and NWSS.

Lot 8-Tag 58
Final Product x Monopoly x Full Flush
Low Chi/X-Bred

Lot 9-Tag 59
Man Among Boys x PB Char
Composite Charolais

Lot 10-Tag 60
Monopoly x Ali
May Mainetainer

Lot 11-Tag 61
I-80 x S&S One Dream S61 (Dream On)
April 24
Mainetainer and Sim-Solution
Full sib to the $18,000 heifer from the 2013 pasture sale that was recently named calf champion at Keystone International Show.

Lot 12-Tag 62
Jesse James x Ali x Heat Wave
February Mainetainer

Lot 13-Tag 63
Monopoly x Witch Dr
April Mainetainer

Lot 16-Tag 66
Thriller x Hairy Bear

Lot 17-Tag 67
Unstoppable x Monopoly/Simm
April 23 Mainetainer

Lot 18-Tag 68
Man Among Boys x Chill Factor
May 14th

Lot 19-Tag 69
Jesse James x Total Solution
June 4th
Grandmother is the $500,000 producing P29 Avalanche donor owned with us and Garwood Cattle Company.

Lot 20-Tag 70
TR Firewater x Sun Seeker
February Composite Char

Lot 21-Tag 71
Right Direction x 344 Heat Wave
Shorthorn Plus and 13% Chi
Full sib to Lot 7, Nick Sullivan's many time champion, and Kane Aegerter's many time champion plus heifers.