Sunday, September 11, 2016

As we come to a close....

Family and friends,

Wow, pretty exciting that sale morning is here at Schaeffer-Tice. We are excited for so many reasons. Let's be honest, come Monday morning we will not be washing 50 head and I'm not sure who is more excited, us or the calves.

As I sit back and reflect on not only the past 3 months, but the past year, I feel very fortunate. There are not to many times that I publicly get to applaud one very important person in our life. Tim has devoted not only his whole life to this business, but our families life. I can't think of a better way to raise Braylen or spend time as a family. Tim reminds me every single day that hard work will take you to great places in life. Some days frustrating and gut-wrenching, but all days worth it. If we teach Braylen one thing in life, I hope it's to work as hard as his dad as good things and good people will come to him in return.

If you have visited Schaeffer-Tice in the past few months or over the course of the past year, we hope that you've had a great experience. Sometimes is not about what you purchased, but the connection that we have made with many great people. We are here to answer your questions no only about our cattle, but anything we can assist you with. Our program was built off of customer service from start to finish and we hope you will find that to be true.

You could never put into words how much we appreciate the people that have helped us prepare the set this year. Without them our program would not be possible. Kyle Lemmon has spent countless hours, I mean long days and nights, working to prepare the cattle we have provided, the farm, and still maintain the cow herd. We could never thank Kyle enough for all he has accomplished over the past year.

We have been lucky to have "our kids" put in many hours on this set as well. Tyler Dawson, Bailey Brown, Cale Dawson, Koda Dawson, Evan Patterson, Megan Schroeder, Mattie Doerstler, Brad Johnson, Devin Coon, and Devin Minier have lived at the ranch most weekends helping out. We have not only enjoyed their help, but also hope that they have learned a few things here as well. The nights of family meals around one table and sleeping bodies all over the house have made for many laughs and memories.

Most importantly we would like to thank our familes who have supported us from the very start. Paul and Tracy, Phil and Ruth, Cassandra and Justin, Liz and Deric, Erik and Lindsay, Nate Tice, Emily Epure, the Bertsch family-Bobby, Trena, and Blake, and the Pegg family- Jeff, Kyle, Courtney, Zach, and Hank. These are the people that have guided us and helped us every single day. We could not continue without them.

With that being said, I look forward to 6:00 pm tonight! If you should have any questions we can answer please contact one of us.

Emily Schaeffer and the entire Schaeffer-Tice crew

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