Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014 Schaeffer/Tice Pasture Sale

It's almost that time of year again! And by almost, I mean State Fairs are happening! Mark your calendars- Bids will close Sunday, September 7th at 6:00 pm for the 2014 Schaeffer/Tice Pasture Sale.  We've been busy this summer and are excited about the set of cattle we have to offer. Below is the first look at the sale information sheet. We still have a few details to fill in and will update as we get a little closer to time. We have started picturing in small groups. Pictures can be viewed on the Schaeffer Simmental website under the "Sale" tab. We have also been updating through Facebook, so be sure to like Schaeffer Show Cattle. After we get through State Fairs we will begin updating the blog as well. It's not to early to stop by and see what we have to offer. Contact Tim and let us know when you'll be through. We look forwarding to visiting with you and looking at cattle!

Tim Schaeffer-765.541.0738
Schaeffer Simmentals- www.schaeffersimmentals.com
Facebook- Schaeffer Show Cattle
Twitter- @tssc121

1- Broker x Avalanche, Feb 2, Simmental
2- Hot Rod x Dream On, Jan 4, Sim-Solution
3- Red Blood x Solution, Feb 22, Shorthorn
4- Monopoly Money x Dream On, Feb 3, Sim-Solution
5- Traveler x Right Direction, Jan 10, ShorthornPlus
6- Unstoppable x Sooner, Mar 4, High Maine
7- Broker x Who Made Who, Jan, Sim-Solution
8- Grizzly Bear x N. Improvement, Mar 22, Chi
9- Coming Soon
10- First Class x Lutton, Mar 9, Angus
11- I Da Man x Red Rock, April 3, Chi/ShorthornPlus
12- Right Direction x Heat Wave, Mar 10, Chi/ShorthornPlus
13- Broker x Who Made Who, Feb, Sim-Solution
14- Right Direction x heat Wave, Feb 21, Chi/ShorthornPlus
15- I-80 x Black Joker, Mar 17, Sim-Solution/Mainetianer
16- Monopoly x , April 18, Composite Charolais
17- Right Direction x Heat Wave, Mar 2, Chi/ShorthornPlus
18- Firewater x Monopoly, Mar 12, Composite Charolais
19- Jesse James x Northern Improvement, Feb 19, Chi
20- Irish Whiskey x Heat Wave, April 19, Mainetainer
21- Grizzly Bear x Heat Wave, April 23, Chi
22- Who Maker x Valedictorian, Mar 4, Herford
23- Man Among Boys x Eldorado, Mar 18, ShorthornPlus
24- Right Direction x Heat Seeker, Feb 10, ShorthornPlus
25- Monopoly x Sony, Mar 18, ShorthornPlus
26- Monopoly x Strictly Business, Feb 23, Chi
27- Monopoly x Destiny, Mar 27, Sim-Solution
28- Who Da Man x Heat Seeker, April 2, Chi
29- Smilin Bob x Monopoly, Mar 9, Chi
30- Monopoly x Irish Whiskey, May 2, Mainetainer
31- X x Hot Rod, April 14, Mainetainer
32- Man Among Boys x Maximus, Mar 5, 1/4 Simm.-AOB
33- Irish Whiskey x Dream On, Mar 12, Sim-Solution, Mainetainer
34- I-80 x Monopoly, Mar 25, Maintetainer
35- Monopoly x Hot Rod, Mar 7, Chi, 1/4 Simm.-AOB
36- Monopoly x Habanero, April 17, Crossbred
37- Steel Force x Hot Rod, Mar 2, 3/4 Simm.
38- Grizzly Bear x Dr. Who, Mar 18, Crossbred
39- Lambeau x Revolution, Feb 28, Herford
40- Steel Force x Northern Improvement, April 18, Sim-Solution
41- Unstoppable x White Lake, April 14, Mainetainer
42- Coming Soon

43- Monopoly x Irish Whiskey, March
44- Unstoppable x White Lake, Feb
45- Man Among Boys x Simm., March, Simmental
46- Monopoly Money x Eldorado, March, ShorthornPlus
47- Monopoly x Firewater, March, Charolais
48- Man Among Boys x Jazz, March, Maine
49- Monopoly Money x Who Da Man, April, Chi
50- Man Among Boys x Irish Whiskey, April

Tim Schaeffer: 765.541.0738
Nate Tice: 717.926.0874
Ian McKenzie: 217.851.2155
Dillon Lemenager: 815.644.1340