Friday, October 26, 2012

OctoberFest Bids Open

Bids are open for the 2012 OctoberFest Online Sale.  Go to for information, pictures, videos, and bidding.  Don't miss out on this opportunity.  Bids close Sunday, October 28.  If you want one last look, come on out to the farm and take a look.  We will be there and happy to see you.  weather might be a little chilly!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 OctoberFest Online Sale Pics

Here is a look at the 2012 OctoberFest Sale offering.  The sale is online at  Bids open October 27 and close October 28.  Don't miss out on this opportunity.  Any questions or to stop by and look at cattle call Tim at 765.541.0738. 

Lot # 1: Who's Destiny x Hollywood

Lot #2: Steel Force x Northern Improvement

 Lot #3: Roan Blast x Charmer

Lot #4: Who Da Man x Heek Seeker/6651

Lot #5: Monopoly Money x Meyer 734

Lot #6: Curtain Call x Ground Zero

Lot #7: Solution x Heat Seeker/6651

Lot #8: Monopoly x Hard Core

Lot #9: Unstoppable x Angus

Lot #10: Redemption x Lutton

Lot 11: Monopoly x Alias

Lot #12: Monopoly x Hairy Bear 

Lot #13: Monopoly x Hannibal

 Lot #14: Sonny x 20/20 Vision

Lot #15: Unforgiven x Lifeline

Lot #18: Celebrity x Irish Whiskey

Lot #19: I-80 x Dr Who

Lot #20: Monopoly x PB Char

Look for the blog with the infomation sheet in it for more information about each animal. 

2012 OctoberFest Online Sale Information Sheet

OctoberFest Online Sale

October 27 and 28
Tim Schaeffer 765-541-0738
Lot 1     Tag 51             Who’s Destiny x Hollywood                          May                 Chi

Lot 2     Tag 52             Steel Force x N. Improvement                        April                Low Simmy
      *full sib to 32000 supreme female KILE and Purdue AGR for Blanding

Lot 3    Tag 53             Roan Blast x Charmer                                     Feb                  Shorthorn

Lot 4     Tag 54             Who Da Man x Heat Seeker/ 6651                 April                Chi
      *full sib to Connor Cross many time champion chi female this past year

Lot 5     Tag 55             Monopoly Money x Meyer 734                      April                Comm/Chi

Lot 6     Tag 56             Curtain Call x Ground Zero                            April                Comm/Chi

Lot 7     Tag 57             Solution x Heat Seeker/6651                          Mar                  Shorthorn-plus

Lot 8     Tag 58             Monopoly x Hard Core                                   April                Mainetainer

Lot 9     Tag 59             Unstoppable x Angus                                      Mar                  Mainetainer

Lot 10   Tag 60            Redemption x Lutton                                        April                Chi

Lot 11   Tag 61             Monopoly x Alias                                           April                Comm/Chi
      *Full sibs just brought 13,000 and 7,000 in Nick Riemans sale

Lot 12  Tag 62             Monopoly x Hairy Bear                                  April                Comm/Chi
      *full sib to the 50,000 bull prospect bought by Matt Lautnert in Millers spring sale

Lot 13  Tag 63             Monopoly x Hannibal                                     April                Chi

Lot 14  Tag 64             Sonny x 20/20 Vision                                     Mar                  Shorthorn
      *full sister sold for 10,000 in our pasture sale and a half sib feature donor for Gray Show Cattle.

Lot 15 Tag 65             Unforgiven x Lifeline                                         Mar                  Mainetainer

Lot 16             OUT
Lot 17             OUT

Lot 18 Tag 68             Celebrity x Irish Whiskey                               May 28            Comm/Chi

Lot 19 Tag 69             I-80 x Dr Who                                                May                 Mainetainer
      * half sister to the lot 11 may heifer in pasture sale that sold for 27,250

Lot 20 Tag 70             Monopoly x PB Char                                      Mar                  Comp Char

Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 OctoberFest Online Sale

The catalog write ups are done and in the works of being uploaded to the site.  Look for it to be complete later this evening or early tomorrow.  Be sure to check out the great set of cattle we have to offer at  Don't wait around to come through and look.  Give us a call and head on over to the farm to see for yourself.  We hope to see you soon!

Tim- 765.541.0738

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OctoberFest Sale

Another look at a few in the OctoberFest Sale.  This is a great set of cattle you don't want to miss out on. We're selling 20 head of elite open heifers.  OctoberFest is an online sale through Caldwell-Willoughby Sales at  The sale opens October 27 and closes October 28.  Get a bid in now.  Call Tim for more information at 765.541.0738.

Lot #5: Monopoly Money x Meyer

Lot #10: Redemption x Lutton x Cookie Monster
April Chi

Friday, October 12, 2012

OctoberFest Sale 2012

First look at the offering for the OctoberFest Sale.  All pictures and videos will be uploaded next week.  Contact Tim Schaeffer at 765.541.0738 or Nate Tice at 717.926.0874. 

Lot #2: Steel Force x Northern Improvement
April Low Simmy

Lot #5: Monopoly Money x Meyer

Lot #12: Curtain Call x Ground Zero
April Chi

Lot #1: Who's Destiny x Hollywood
May Chi

Check back early next week for another update.

Keystone International Livestock Expo Results

Congrats to Megan Craig and Family for Champion Chi and third overall in points at KILE.  Sold in the 2011 OctoberFest for $6000.00.

Champion Maine at KILE.  She will sell in the Winners Circle Sale at the end of December.  We will sell half interest with the option to double and own all.