Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 OctoberFest Online Sale Information Sheet

OctoberFest Online Sale

October 27 and 28
Tim Schaeffer 765-541-0738
Lot 1     Tag 51             Who’s Destiny x Hollywood                          May                 Chi

Lot 2     Tag 52             Steel Force x N. Improvement                        April                Low Simmy
      *full sib to 32000 supreme female KILE and Purdue AGR for Blanding

Lot 3    Tag 53             Roan Blast x Charmer                                     Feb                  Shorthorn

Lot 4     Tag 54             Who Da Man x Heat Seeker/ 6651                 April                Chi
      *full sib to Connor Cross many time champion chi female this past year

Lot 5     Tag 55             Monopoly Money x Meyer 734                      April                Comm/Chi

Lot 6     Tag 56             Curtain Call x Ground Zero                            April                Comm/Chi

Lot 7     Tag 57             Solution x Heat Seeker/6651                          Mar                  Shorthorn-plus

Lot 8     Tag 58             Monopoly x Hard Core                                   April                Mainetainer

Lot 9     Tag 59             Unstoppable x Angus                                      Mar                  Mainetainer

Lot 10   Tag 60            Redemption x Lutton                                        April                Chi

Lot 11   Tag 61             Monopoly x Alias                                           April                Comm/Chi
      *Full sibs just brought 13,000 and 7,000 in Nick Riemans sale

Lot 12  Tag 62             Monopoly x Hairy Bear                                  April                Comm/Chi
      *full sib to the 50,000 bull prospect bought by Matt Lautnert in Millers spring sale

Lot 13  Tag 63             Monopoly x Hannibal                                     April                Chi

Lot 14  Tag 64             Sonny x 20/20 Vision                                     Mar                  Shorthorn
      *full sister sold for 10,000 in our pasture sale and a half sib feature donor for Gray Show Cattle.

Lot 15 Tag 65             Unforgiven x Lifeline                                         Mar                  Mainetainer

Lot 16             OUT
Lot 17             OUT

Lot 18 Tag 68             Celebrity x Irish Whiskey                               May 28            Comm/Chi

Lot 19 Tag 69             I-80 x Dr Who                                                May                 Mainetainer
      * half sister to the lot 11 may heifer in pasture sale that sold for 27,250

Lot 20 Tag 70             Monopoly x PB Char                                      Mar                  Comp Char

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