Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 OctoberFest Online Sale Pics

Here is a look at the 2012 OctoberFest Sale offering.  The sale is online at  Bids open October 27 and close October 28.  Don't miss out on this opportunity.  Any questions or to stop by and look at cattle call Tim at 765.541.0738. 

Lot # 1: Who's Destiny x Hollywood

Lot #2: Steel Force x Northern Improvement

 Lot #3: Roan Blast x Charmer

Lot #4: Who Da Man x Heek Seeker/6651

Lot #5: Monopoly Money x Meyer 734

Lot #6: Curtain Call x Ground Zero

Lot #7: Solution x Heat Seeker/6651

Lot #8: Monopoly x Hard Core

Lot #9: Unstoppable x Angus

Lot #10: Redemption x Lutton

Lot 11: Monopoly x Alias

Lot #12: Monopoly x Hairy Bear 

Lot #13: Monopoly x Hannibal

 Lot #14: Sonny x 20/20 Vision

Lot #15: Unforgiven x Lifeline

Lot #18: Celebrity x Irish Whiskey

Lot #19: I-80 x Dr Who

Lot #20: Monopoly x PB Char

Look for the blog with the infomation sheet in it for more information about each animal. 

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