Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Pics

A few more pics of sale cattle. Video can be found at

Lot 41: Monopoly x Destiny, March, Simmental

Lot 35: Monopoly x Beyonce, March, Low Chi/X-Bred

Lot 11: I-80 x Monopoly, 5-11, Mainetainer

Lot 38: Monopoly x Dream On, 4-1, Low Simm

Lot 9: Steel Force x Dream On, Jan, Simmental

Lot 36: Upgrade x Dominance, March, Simmental

Lot 39: Monopoly x Destiny, 3-17, Low Simm

Lot 14: Red Reward x Vortec, 2-17, Low Chi/X-Bred

Lot 34: Milkman x Alias, April, Low Chi/X-Bred

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