Thursday, May 1, 2014

The List Continues to Grow!!!

You have the rest of tonight and tomorrow to jump on board the #PayItForward$1. I had continued support today and hoping to get even more tonight and tomorrow. Looking forward to the Mini and running for Lesley and all of the supporters. Spread the word!

Thank you-

Matt Hines
Bailey Core
Chase Moore
Tracy Schaeffer
Liz King
Cassandra Curley
Lindsay Zicht
Cheyanne Allen
Dr. Michael Hardy
Jonathan Sparks
Brittaney Hamilton
Emily Adcock
Ruth Zicht
Phil Zicht
Tim Schaeffer
Deric King
Kaitlyn Lacey
Summer Pieper
Dustin Shannon
Jordan Kuhn
Erik Zicht
Jax Zicht
Bobby and Trena Bertsch
Dave Vansickle
Vansickle Cattle Company
Bo Teague
Scott, Beth, Cody, and Layne Sanders
Brian Clawson
Jake and Beth Hege
Haines Hallmark Gift Shop and Soda Fountain
Nate Tice
Dan, Ingrid, and Liam McCullough
Kim Blue
Kim Coudran
Karla Reed
Kayla Campbell
Ian McKenzie
Kate Wilcox
Shelly Monfort, Amber Stewart and family
Dean, Kelly, Alli, and Cody Woodbury
Mike and Julie Wickersham
Jared Boyert

On a side note, today Schaeffer/Tice is celebrating Ian McKenzie's birthday! He started his morning jamming to Taylor Swift's "I'm Feeling 22!" If you have Ian's number send him a HBD message!

Also, look up Julie Arnold Kemme on Facebook. She is auctioning a "So God Made a Farmer" barn wood mirror. All proceeds will go to Lesley's medical fund.

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