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2014 Schaeffer/Tice Egg Hunt Online Sale Vol. 3

April 6th and 7th, 2014. Bids close at 8:00 pm EST Horse Race Style Closing Format. Bidding is currently open for this sale.

Contact Tim, Ian, or Nate with questions:
Tim- 765.541.0738
Ian- 217.851.2155
Nate- 717.926.0874

Lot 1-Embryos  Man Among Boys x Ms Tyra X013 (Irish Whiskey)
We are excited about this brand new, up and coming donor at Schaeffer/Tice. This is one you will not want to miss out on.

Lot 1A-Embryos Irish Whiskey or BUSH Unbelievable x JSUL Who Dat Lady (Who Da Man)
This mating could easily be the buy of the year and an added boost to take anyone's program to another level. JSUL Who Dat Lady just finished off her show career claiming National Champion Female at the North American.

Lot 2-Embryos Monopoly or I-80 x S&S Ms Smarty Pants K1 (Nichols Black Destiny)
Not many more years left to get your hands on this particular, hot commodities and quite possibly the last. K1 has proven so much for the Schaeffer program and this year easily could have been the best yet.

Lot 3-Embryos Fu Man Chu x S&S Ms Smarty Pants K1 (Nichlos Black Destiny)
If your searching for a no miss mating that comes as close to any as money in your hand, then this is the lot for you. Smarty Pants is known to crank them out, and with the mating to the upcoming Fu Man Chu has these embryos prepared for excellence.

Lot 4-Embryos Northern Improvement x S&S One Dream S61 (Dream On)
Maternal greatness from two legends offered to you here. What an opportunity these eggs bring to the table and with a large group implanted at Schaeffer's for ourselves, it hard to contain our excitement for these. Hot off her record breaking sale at the Frozen Gold selling for a all time high of $61,000 for half interest, we're not the only one's excited for her matings… and you should be too.

Lot 5-Embryos Monopoly Money x S&S One Dream 61S (Dream On)
There is no one in the cattle industry that dislikes a bald faced cow that has a notch added hair, body, right structure and the true amount of muscle needed to excel. If there is question in what you are looking for, this is your answer, proven that this kind flat work.

Lot 6-Embryos Irish Whiskey x Victoria 10 (Northern Improvement)
There is not a single mating in this offering we will not utilize as much as we can. This mating itself might have me as excited as any to see what kind of elite cattle we can raise here on the farm knowing Victoria has already raised a $10,000 Whiskey bred, along with $15,000 and $12,500 heifer calves.

Lot 7-Embryos Chopper (Sexed Heifer) x Victoria 10 (Northern Improvement)
Two words: SEXED HEIFER.

Lot 8-Embryos Grizzly Bear x S/T Spooke 7198 (Heat Wave)
She's back and better than ever. After seeing her matings hit the ground, we knew we couldn't keep her out of this sale. These chunks are definitely a highlight in the pasture this spring and sure will be highlighted on our ads and upcoming fall sale.

Lot 9-I-80 x Nicki Minaj (Steel Force)
The Maine, Simmy, Angus combo has worked exceptionally well for us and this mating brings out the best of both worlds. I am willing to bet after these calves hit the ground this donor will be topping more high sellers list then Nicki herself.

Lot 10-Man Among Boys x Nicki Minaj (Steel Force)
I can't guarantee what color these beasts are going to be, but I will bet you money on how good they will look. With the desire to make the cattle a little more extended and pulled apart while still maintaining the right width, dimension, and center body, has me excited to match these youngsters together.

Lot 11-Embryos Monopoly or Man Among Boys x x Ms Whiskey 08/5 (Irish Whiskey)
If you like them stout, sound, cool made, extra hairy, on a huge foot and bone then we have got the mating for you. Male or female here the only ones that will be holding their head down will be the contending bidder.

Lot 12-Embryos BBBN "X" x S&S Beyonce W95 (Gambles Hot Rod)
Beyonce is starting to cement herself here as one of our mainstay top producers after laying down two consecutive calf crops of high sellers. The set running around Hagerstown now is her best yet. Beyonce is climbing the ranks of yearly earnings selling calves for $20,00, $10,000, as well as averaging $7,000 on three Monopoly's sold last year.

Lot 13-Embryos Bodacious x S&S Beyonce W95 (Gambles Hot Rod)
Already proven to work with calves selling for $8000 and $6000 like the one pictured here, takes all the guess work out as we offer up some of the time tested packages in this lot. This donor can raise them with the best and mainly for her proven productive line she comes from.

Lot 14-Embryos BUSH Unbelievable x S&S Pennies From Heaven P29
I love this mating for many reasons and not just because P29 has grossed over $500,000 in total sales. She has laid down so many donor females and show champions herself, many of which were sired by Angus. If your solely searching for the right halfblood females to impact your program for years to come, I would highly suggest you pay attention here.

Lot 15-Embryos Man Among Boys, Smilin Bob, Heat Wave 5 (Pick of bulls or mix and match) x Madonna 701 (White Lake)
If your needing a much added boost to your crop next year and wanting more potential returns on both your heifer and steer crop, I would strongly recommend tuning into this lot. You might get a calf with some paint that resembles a painted egg, but man will they be stout, sound, hairy with the right look and structure to turn any buyers/judges head next spring and fall.

Lot 16-Embryos Irish Whiskey x Fergie 874 (OCC Kiddo)
One of the newest donors in our line-up, but one of the quick favorites. Fergie has laid down a $6000, $8500, $7500 set of calves and most impressively she has had only three, you do the math. Everyone is always looking for a cheaper way to get their feet in the door, here is your way.

Lot 17-Embryos TR Firewater x CHAM Ms Lexie (Monopoly)
Jump on the rocket ship for this one. The sky is the limit and these eggs are heading to the stars!! Lexie has laid down two natural calves so far selling for an average of $25,000 ($35,000 and $15,000 respectively) wight he first set of ET's just now hitting the ground.

Lot 18-Embyros Fu Man Chu or Monopoly x SULL Beauty Queen 570 (X-Ray Vision)
This cow has left an impact on this breed in many ways with her biggest accomplishments, her son SULL Roan Blast who is proving himself to be a leader in the breed to raise some of the very best appendix cattle.

Lot 19-Embryos I-80 x TSSC Spice Girl (Unforgiven)
First offering from the popular baldy Spice Girl to add to this already sugar coated offering. This female was successfully campaigned by Megan Craig and claimed many titles like Champion Chi and 3rd Overall KILE as well as division Champion Indiana State Fair and North American Chianina Show.

Lot 20- Embryos Monopoly or Believe In Me x Mariah 5161 (Nutt-n-Butt Business)
We are bringing out all of the goodies for this upcoming sale and this package is sure to be one of the sweetest.

Lot 21-Embyros SULL Muscle Man (Sexed Heifer Semen) x Tamale 758 (Northern Improvement)
It's wouldn't be an elite sale if we didn't offer a package out of one of the most productive, prolific donors in Nat and I's line-up. Tamale 758's track record is one of the best with production results reaching $$250,000 in total sales.

Head on over to and let the bidding begin. Fell free to contact us with any questions or help we can advise you. You don't want someone else to steal your golden eggs. Happy Easter!

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