Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Last night in my extreme tired state of mind I believe I left a few pledger's off my list! So here is an update list through this morning! It's a great feeling to wake up with a sore, tired body and see a few more jumping on board. THANK YOU!

Matt Hines
Bailey Core
Chase Moore
Tracy Schaeffer
Liz King
Cassandra Curley
Lindsay Zicht
Cheyanne Allen
Dr. Michael Hardy
Jonathan Sparks
Brittaney Hamilton
Emily Adcock
Ruth Zicht
Phil Zicht
Tim Schaeffer
Deric King
Kaitlyn Lacey
Summer Pieper
Dustin Shannon
Jordan Kuhn
Erik Zicht
Jax Zicht
Bobby and Trena Bertsch
Dave Vansickle
Vansickle Cattle Company

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