Monday, April 28, 2014

#PayItForward Update

I thought I would check in tonight to give everyone an update on a few things.

First and most importantly, I believe the YouCaring sight is having a glitch right now, so if you are trying to donate for Lesley hold off until I can get it figured out. I have already been in touch with YouCaring and I will let you know as soon as it's back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Second, we here at Schaeffer/Tice would like to send our deepest sympathy Reimann, Rau, Beitelspacher families. We will continue to keep all in our thoughts and prayers through this hard time. Nick was a friend and partner here at Schaeffer/Tice and we are genuinely touched by his legacy. We are fortunate to be part of such a close knit industry.

Next up is an update on Lesley. She is finally home from the hospital, however home from work as well. Lesley's counts are low and she is very tired.  She is waiting on a call from her oncologist on how to proceed. Continue to pray for Lesley, Kevin, and Ashton.

And now for the update on #PayItForward$1-Shortly after getting to work this morning I received the first pledge for $1/mile for the Mini Marathon run. Throughout the day I received 5 more pledges. Thank you to those posting on my Facebook page.  I've decided this week that it would be in my best interest to skip the gym after school and head outside to put the much needed miles on my shoes to prepare for this weekend. Tonight I ran 5.84 miles :) Far from 13.1, but it felt great to get that far. As for the rest of you, this pledge is going to take less than $13. I'm not asking for much, but I am asking for your support. Consider jumping on board with the rest of them and donating $1 for each mile ran in the Indy Mini in honor of Lesley. (See the pervious blog for more details). Take the pledge with me and post it on my Facebook or Tim's Twitter (@tssc121).

Thank you to the following early pledgers for getting through five miles today! You are awesome motivation!

Matt Hines
Bailey Core
Chase Moore
Tracy Schaeffer
Liz King
Cassandra Curley

Tomorrow's activities include getting the site glitch free (I'll post when that is), logging a few more miles on the shoes, and coming up with a lot more pledges. Continue to pray and help spread the word.

Thanks for you support,

Emily Schaeffer

PS- If you notice my motivation/pledge list is lacking two very important names. If you happen to speak to either one, 1) my husband and 2) has the initials NT, encourage them to get going on their part of support. Or they will be eating steamed veggies for the remainder of the week :)

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