Monday, April 28, 2014

Motivate Me to Motivate You #PayItForward

Last Monday I made the spur of the moment decision, but not completely random, to participate in the Indy Mini Marathon (13.1 miles) on Saturday, May 3rd. Participating in a mini marathon is something that I had placed on my Bucket List awhile back in hopes to one day in the next five years be able to check it off. I know, your thinking Bucket List....However life is too short as we all know and this is one of those things I wanted to do in my "prime". While driving to school last Monday I heard on the radio there, very surprisingly, were still spots open. I felt that this was my sign it was going to be THIS YEAR, as in LESS THAN A WEEK. Now, before you tell me I'm out of mine my mind, I'll tell you that I already know that. Exercise is my "go to" daily and I feel as if at this point in my life I'm in pretty decent shape....NOT 13.1 miles run shape, but enough to make a pretty good effort at it.

After Tracy and I decided on our #PayItForward for Lesley, I spent the rest of the weekend trying to think of ways to get others on board and give back. At my expense, and because I am in need of some strong encouragement and prayers myself, I have decided to participate in the Mini Marathon this weekend in honor of Lesley. It's simple, when you feel you can't fight anymore, someone has already conquered the battle ahead.  We are not alone.

Now comes the idea. I have 882 Facebook friends and Tim has 965 Twitter followers. I feel as though I have set a reasonable and hopefully achievable goal for myself to run at least 7 of the 13.1 miles. Remember I kind of missed the training program. :) Which means if every one of my Facebook friends and Tim's twitter followers donated $1 for every mile ran to Lesley's YouCaring fund and I run 7.0 miles we could raise $12,929... WOW!!!

I challenge you to pledge $1/per mile ran to Lesley's YouCaring fund. You can do this people... I need the encouragement and Lesley needs the strength to continue to fight.

Here's how it will work. I'm going to ask you to make your pledge on my Facebook page or Tim's twitter page by posting #PayItForward$1 on my wall or tweeting #PayItForward$1 to Tim.  It's going to be a long week of running, so I'm going to need your encouragement for myself early!  On Saturday I will post the total miles ran and you have two options 1) You can donate directly on Lesley's YouCaring Page (title: Lesley Willis Medical Fund) or 2) send the money to me and I will make one donation in honor of the Mini Marathon accomplishment.

THAT'S IT FOLKS..... It's a maximum of $13 total, which I can assure you that you will not have to dig that deep in your pockets! I am hoping you, each and EVERY ONE of our social media friends and then some, will take the pledge with me. Show Lesley your love and please don't let me "run" alone!!!

If you need to find us on social media, you can find me, Emily Schaeffer, on Facebook and Tim @tssc121 on Twitter.

I hope you will support me while supporting Lesley.

As always continue to pray, donate, and share.

Emily Schaeffer

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