Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Tonight I logged 8 miles on the treadmill (a combination of running and what I call sprint walking) because the weather was not very nice out.....HORRIBLE. But survived.

Update on Lesley-She is back in the hospital because she continues to be sick. Prayers would be much appreciated for her.

Thanks to the new and continued pledgers in the #PayItForward$1-

Matt Hines
Bailey Core
Chase Moore
Tracy Schaeffer
Liz King
Deric King
Cassandra Curley
Lindsay Zicht
Cheyanne Allen
Dr. Michael Hardy
Jonathan Sparks
Brittaney Hamilton
Emily Adcock
Ruth Zicht
Phil Zicht
Tim Schaeffer

There is still time to join #PayItForward$1. Don't miss out!! Continue the prayers, support, and donations.

Thanks for all the motivation.

Emily Schaeffer

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